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 2023 FIM SNX World Championship

Kirkenes Motorklubb takes on the FIM Snowcross World Championship & Women World Cup for 2023, the layout for this event are linked in the button below do contact us for help with accommodation or other questions

Get to Know Us

Skafferhullet racetrack are located on Elvenes just outside Kirkenes multiplicity in Sør-Varanger, Finnmark, Norway. its a 944.1meter long dirt or snow track depending of what time of the year it is, in the summer its a the track is kept litt by the midnight sun and in the winter its quite common to race under the aurora borealis and floodlights.
The racepark have a dedicated children's track that's about 250mters long and spesial sleds and bike for new members or other curious people, we also have a snowmobile drag race stretch for training and freestyleramps, the racetrack are easy to find when driving towards kirkenes you will enter Hesseng and from there you just follow the signs toward "crossbane" which is Norwegian for racetrack i suppose, alternatively follow the sign towards Murmansk in the roundabouts and then follow E105 2,4km east, take a right in the intersection towards Elvenes and follow that road 1,8km but be aware that its a common road to walk along so pedestrians might occur, take another right turn pointing towards Skaffehullet and follow the gravel road 1,2km an you will se the track on your left side stretching from the seabed all the way up to the watchtower overlooking the Russian border by Boris Gleb.
Any questions are welcome and we will do our best to answer them, just send it.
Welcome to Kikenes Motorklubb and Skafferhullet racetrack for an exiting experience.

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